Stressed about stress?

"You cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind." - Author Unknown

"Quit your job and go on holiday!" (That caught your attention didn't it) Sadly, no, this is not the best idea, instead, here are my...



Sounds simple enough? You'd be surprised how easy it is to fall out of the habit of using your lungs effectively. Taking control of your breathing for a few minutes at a time and it can:

  • Help calm your nervous system

  • Promote drainage in the body through the pumping action of the diaphragm

  • Improve oxygen intake and help reduce toxin build up

  • Helps to release tension and stress

Those of you who do yoga probably have experience with breathing exercises but for those of you who haven't, a good starting point for you is to...

inhale and exhale

through the nose

4 seconds each way (advancing to 6 or 8 if necessary).


Having trouble sleeping? Sleep is your body's "R&R" time - when it can go through healing processes and tissues can grow (amongst other things). Stress and sleep deprivation often go in a vicious circle. Sleep hygeine can be a good way of helping your body switch off enough to get some sleep. This essentially means you get a good relaxation routine going before bed

e.g. avoid working in bed,

have a bath,

switch phones off,

breathing exercises,

read a good book etc...

If it's joint aches or pains that's keeping you up, why not see if Osteopathy could help you?


This is especially important at work - if it's deskwork or manual, taking a break can be the difference between your body getting tired and stuck in an awkward position or being given the chance to relax and loosen up into a more comfortable position.


Arguably the thing that people forget about the most. This can be looked at in many ways but your body cannot take an infinite amount of stress!


Whether this involves... going for a run... a weekly yoga session... 5 minutes of peace in the mornings...

having a hot bath occasionally...

or having Osteopathic treatment to take a look at any aches and pains --- you've only got one body, give it some TLC!

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