121 Pilates

1 hour sessions

  • Whatever your experience, Pilates 121 or 122 sessions are a great way to get a firm understanding of the fundamentals.

  • All first sessions include a full case history discussion and assessment to tailor a Pilates plan just for you.

  • Flexible booking times so you're not limited to joining a big class.

  • Sessions can be tailored to fit your experience.

1hr session


122 group


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New Patients - 1 hour

Follow Ups - 45 mins

  • Osteopathy can help with general aches and pains, joint pain, fibromyalgia, chronic or acute lower back ache, neck ache and more.

  • A whole body approach to helping keep your joints and muscles healthy.

  • Osteopathy and Pilates can be used to help your body cope with chronic conditions.

New Patient


Follow Up


Yoga Mats

Pilates Classes

Booked on request

Liss Triangle Centre

  • Friday 2pm classes at the Liss Triangle Centre

  • Limited spaces available so booking must be made in advance

  • Can book adhoc or consecutive for a month in advance

  • Sessions tailored to beginners and refreshers

  • Maximum 6 people per class

  • Medical questionnaire form must be filled before booking

Month block


Adhoc session


Payment Options: Online Transfer or Cash preferable

You may be charged a cancellation fee, equal to the value of the appointment, if less than 24hrs notice is given before missing an appointment.