My Top 5 (Hard-Earned) Tips for Starting a Business

Pretty self-explanatory this one!

This is inspired by a few practice meetings that I've had recently and chatting with a couple of other professionals that are looking to start up.

NB: This is based on my own personal experience - I'm not claiming it's the best way to go, I certainly had teething problems! There are loads of other business gurus out there (I probably researched a few of them!) so just go with what you feel more comfortable with.

This is just a brief outline - I haven't gone into depth, more of a checklist to hopefully give an idea about where to start in the minefield that is being self-employed!

So, here we go... (in no particular order)


Create a website! The internet is often the first place any potential client will look for someone catering to their needs. Making it accessible and professional can make a great first impression.


Business Cards!

These make you look professional and are a great networking tool to keep in your wallet/ purse/ bag for those moments when you get chatting with someone and want to share what you do.



These are very boring, and somewhat of a headache (or at least they were for me), however, getting a good basis with which to start logging your income, out goings etc makes it soooooooo much easier when it comes to tax time.



This can be as simple as creating some leaflets and handing them out or creating a social media page. Social media is an excellent and cheap way to get your individual voice heard and can be very far reaching if you use it well. Having some sort of plan of action can be really useful to give you a goal.

No. 5

Registration/ Insurance! (or the equivalent)

Especially important for us Osteopaths as we need to be registered and insured to be able to practice. It is always worth making sure that you're clear on what you need to set up legally before you can set up as a business. This includes registering with the HMRC, any governing bodies you may have, any insurance you need etc...

So there you have it! A quick look at my top 5 tips for starting up as a new business. Hope it helps and as always, I'm always open to questions!

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