2017 - New Year, New Attitude

Before I go any further into the year, I would like to take the chance to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has helped me to get this far. From the people I have rung in a panic after something hasn't gone the way I thought it should to those who reassured me that things would get better. You are all amazing!

Anyway, now that bit's done...

Every year I start by telling myself that I'll be ready for how fast it will go, live each day and all that, every year I reach the end and I think "Blimey!". This year, I'm going to start with a different mantra...

"New Year, New Attitude."

I am forever giving patients advice about how best to care for their bodies but it is a classic case of giving advice then not taking it.


My New Year's Resolution:

Look after my own body in order to better help others.

Keep up with regular stretches, pay attention to my posture when sitting or standing for long periods, give myself a rest if it gets too much.

(We shall see how it goes, only time will tell!)

With regards to resolutions, the following phrase seems to get people into trouble over the New Year...

"New Year, New You!"

Well, if your goal is to get your body healthier, become more aware of how it functions and generally improve your quality of life, fantastic, well done!

Just be careful out there, your body is not going to change how it works just because it's a New Year. You may want to recover from the Christmas excesses (the glorious time of year that it is) but remember to take it easy, start slow and build yourself back up. This saves yourself a lot of hassle in the long run!

In the mean time...

Have you got questions about how you could be helping your body along the way?

Or starting to ache again after being back at work?

Give Osteopathy a try! Get your New Year of to a good start and instead of New You, maybe it could be...

"New Year, New Attitude!"

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