Treble with your joints?

Clarinet player

"There was no one near to confuse me, so I became an original." Joseph Haydn.

First up, I apologise for the pun but come on, you smiled a little right?

Anyway, back to the topic for a... minuet (badum tsch).

RSI, muscle and joint problems are well documented among musicians. The issues are great and varied, with complexities specific to the instrument, how long it's been happening, what level you are playing at... etc...

Osteopaths can help restore muscle balance, improve joint mobility and work on strengthening exercises that may help your body’s ability to play for extended periods.

There are, however, a few basic things you can assess, if you have not done so already with a tutor.

#1 Assess your playing position. Whether that's with an instructor or mirror. There is a surprising amount of physics involved, using big levers and the larger muscle groups can help reduce tension and improve the flow of playing.

#2 Warm up. Like any potentially strenuous use of the joints or muscles, warming up can help reduce the stresses and strains they go through when playing.

#3 Stretch and relax. Taking breaks means that your body does not have to remain tense for extended periods. It allows the body to flush out any waste products that may have built up from repetitive use.

#4 Know your limits. It doesn’t mean you’re lazy if you take breaks. Especially nearing recitals or concerts, pacing yourself and giving your body a break can be the difference between an injury and a smooth performance.

#5 Check your instrument. If you’re playing often, making sure you have an instrument set up for your needs can make a huge difference. Whether that’s stool height, size of instrument, strap length etc…

So go ahead, give your body some help making the music you love.

#musicians #music #osteopathy

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