A mini Guide to Sports Injuries

"In all that you do, consider the end." Solon. Suffer from sports injuries or issues? Don't be ashamed, they happen to the best sports person! A professional athlete has a whole team of people working to help them be on top form and even then, things can still happen. Here are a few tips and some basic information to help you on your way to getting what you want from your body and looking after yourself. (This is not an exhaustive list, there is always more information to be found.)

What is a sports injury?

Anything from a minor strain/ sprain to a full blown fracture or dislocation due to sports.

What can you do if you get one?

1 ---- STOP PLAYING, at least until you've had it checked out, don't risk making it worse in the long term. 2 ---- It's always a good idea to get it checked out by a professional, especially if it is very painful, swollen, bruised, numb, can't take any weight or the obvious of bleeding or exposed bone.

3 ---- Been cleared of anything serious? Next step is:

R Rest - keep the area rested and relaxed to allow healing.

I Ice - Cold packs (not direct on the skin) for 15 minutes each hour can help calm the inflammation and reduce pain.

C Compression - Even pressure around the injury can help reduce swelling.

E Elevation - Keep the area raised to reduce swelling

4 ---- Rehabilitation exercises are beneficial in getting you back to normal in a way that reduces risk of re-injury. This is where Osteopaths can come in, helping you to get your mobility back.

What can you do to help prevent them?

1 ---- LISTEN TO YOUR BODY - it's not invincible, much though you might believe it to be, know your limits.

2 ---- Don't force it, continuing your normal sporting activities whilst injured increases the risk of long term damage and issues.

3 ---- Warm up and down to give your muscles and joints a chance to get used to the movement.

4 ---- Stay hydrated! Hydrated muscles and joints feel and work better than when you're trying to battle dehydration.

Any further questions? Don't hesitate to contact me! Osteopathy can help to keep muscles supple, restore your body's balance, increase joint mobility and assist getting you back to where you want to be - learn how to look after yourself to improve your performance.

So are you feeling more informed? Then...

Get ready....

Get set....

Off you go! (Within reason)

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