Pilates available online or in person, for 121 sessions or 122 booked on request. Whether you're a beginner, refresher or restarter - Pilates is a great way to learn more about your body and keep yourself moving. All sessions start with a full case history discussion so they can be tailored to your experience and confidence level.

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Osteopathy is a gentle, non invasive manual therapy that can be used to help a variety of muscle and joint related conditions. Regular appointments can be particularly helpful in managing chronic conditions.

About Me

Hi! I am a Hampshire born and bred Osteopath and Pilates Instructor. I have a particular interest in helping manage chronic issues, sports injuries and helping you learn about how amazing the human body can be! 

Emily Moss - AIM clinic Bordon Osteopath

Pilates Classes

Find me on Friday afternoons at Liss Triangle Centre where I run a 2pm class tailored towards beginners or refreshers - limited availability so get in quick!

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